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The purpose of Christian education is to assist parents in training their children to be Christ-like. This teaching and nurturing process begins in the home and continues through life. The Christian school, in addition to the home and the church, is where the process of Christian education takes place.

  1. Present each person "perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." 2 Timothy 3:17

  2. Help each person to "love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy mind" and to "love thy neighbor as thyself." Matthew 22:37-39

  3. Allow Christ to have pre-eminence in all things. Colossians 1: 18

The Christian school has been established to enable parents to obey God's commands, to give their children a Christian education while, at the same time, obeying the laws of the land.

Christian education is first and foremost the responsibility of the Christian home (Deuteronomy 6:7). Mulberry Christian Academy endeavors to assist the home in this process rather than substitute for what should be done in the home. Students may be refused enrollment in the school when the administration believes that this home-school relationship is not in harmony with this stated purpose.

Mulberry Christian Academy, then, acts in cooperation with the home and the church to produce Christ-likeness in its students; however, the ultimate responsibility for the Christian education of their children remains with the parents.

Recognizing that many parents who are not Christians appreciate the value of Christian education, Mulberry Christian Academy shall also strive to accomplish its goals with children from non-Christian homes.




Accredited by

CGACS: Church of God Association of Christian Schools 
FLOCS: Florida League of Christian Schools 
SACS: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools



Mission Statement

In an atmosphere of Christian nurturing, Mulberry Christian Academy commits itself to providing a quality childhood education program. Our program works in partnership with parents to meet the unique development of each child socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually with the use of a developmentally appropriate Christian curriculum.



Financial Information

REGISTRATION / BOOK FEE (non-refundable) 
       $350.00 (Kindergarten) 
       $400.00 (1st – 12th) 

       (3RD-10TH) $50.00 

       KINDERGARTEN  $3,500.00 per year 
       GRADES 1- 8 $4,250.00 per year 
       GRADE 9-12 $4,500.00 per year 
Monthly payments are available! 

Available Scholarships:     
John McKay     
Step up for Students      
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At Mulberry Christian Academy

We take pride in your child's education. We want to minister to your family and provide an outstanding education for your child. Teachers at Mulberry Christian Academy are fully trained through Florida League of Christian Schools. We offer a well-rounded curriculum that has allowed students to achieve above grade level each and every year on standardized testing. We don't "teach to the test" instead we prepare our students by providing enriching daily lessons, hands on experiences, meaningful assignments, and frequent field trips. Our facilities are equipped with computers, a library, manipulative and learning aids.